From the recording Keeping Distance

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A song for our times...


Keeping Distance

I’m waking early every day
Cos someone told me that’s a way
To keep from going crazy
From a distance

Do my daily exercise
And don’t forget to sanitise
Our hands and home
At government insistence

The kitchen school laboratory
Started as a novelty
Now it’s wearing down
my resistance

Agreed to play monopoly
But the kids have got it in for me
I can’t get out of jail
Without assistance

This virus is so serious
The government have delayed our taxes
We’re all staying home for now
Until the illness passess

We’re using new technology
To zoom and skype and houseparty
Keep our friendships
In a form of co-existence

Preparing for our next meet up
Only needs us dressed from the waist up
We’re working hard
To keep up our appearance

This virus is so serious
The government are giving advances
We’re queuing at the supermarket
Not taking any chances

We watch the news at 5 each day
Wonder what the science will say
The curve will drop
Thanks to our persistence

On Thursdays we applaud and pray
For the medics working every day
Save our loved ones
With their selfless care and brilliance

This virus is so serious
Rent and rates are subject to slashes
But at least we’re not in Hungary
Where the leader has become a fascist

Trying hard to stay humble
Watching our economy crumble
We all want to wish this thing
Good riddance

The only think we know for sure
Is that there is no easy cure
For now we have to keep on
Keeping distance

And I love you all
Even from a distance

And who knew how many words
Rhymed with distance

Not me!