London based Anglo-Welsh duo composed of singer-songwriters Al Bird and Tricia Duffy. Duffy sings lead vocals and Bird sings and plays guitar. Hailing from Portsmouth and Cardiff respectively, the pair met in 2015. The blend of their vocals with Duffy’s warmth and clarity and Bird’s deep bass register creates beautiful and emotive harmonic effect, coupled with sensitive acoustic guitar. 

The pair started to make write and record original music in 2017. Their songs combine fluid vocals with cleverly precise guitar arrangements, betraying Bird’s roots in rock.

Their debut album '5 Lines' released in November 2017, to hear news and keep up to date with gigs and releases you can sign up to their mailing list here.

What other have said about 5 Lines:

"I listened to the entire album, and it was fantastic from start to finish. When I listened for the first time, my very first thought was I haven't heard anything like this, since Simon & Garfunkel. An incredible duo." - Al Yardy (KB Radio)

Photo Credit Andy Francombe

Photo Credit Andy Francombe